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A collection of animation cels & artwork from popular 1980's cartoon series. Walk down memory lane with - Dungeons & Dragons, Transformers G1, G.I. Joe, Thundercats,Voltron Go Lion, Thundarr the Barbarian, Voltron, The Mighty Orbots and some Rankin/...
Anime Jewell gallery is a cel collection of about every series imaginable. Every time I see a series that I like, I have to collect it. Hope you enjoy looking at my cels.
Action, Sci-Fi, cyberpunk, fantasy, Super Hero, drama, and comedy. Over 5000 cels and sketches from Japanese and US comics and cartoons; pop-hits to obscure OVAs; the '60s up to the new Millennium... but mostly from the '80s and early '90s.
Balto's Animation Gallery is an assortment of animation cels and drawings ranging from the hard to find to common cels. I collect original cels storyboards, layouts and 1 of 1 cels from Balto and also cels and drawings from Don Bluth studios, Disne...
My ever-changing collection of cels..from series like Weib Kreuz and RuRouni Kenshin to Trigun and Gundam Wing. Stop on by!!!
A gallery devoted to vivid, action-oriented moments from series with a strong folklore emphasis.
E = Gunnm[Battle Angel] OVA- Madhouse-Ghibli-AIC-from the HFV gallery [Japan]
Under Construction but slowly making a comeback, check it out.
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