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This is my growing up cel gallery , I think it's the first cels gallery from Brazil , I hope you enjoy it . My main focus is Kenshin's OVAs and DBZ cels , If you have a good one for sale , just drop me a line . I collect since 23/10/04 .
Cels de abuelitos y ositos----------------------------Cels by oldermens and bearmens
Hello and welcome to another cel gallery collector.I begin to do this since last year in motivation of my middle sister, i consider myself a novice into this since well, i think a year of collecting is nothing.I like to collect cels from different an...
This gallery will serve as a database for categorizing all the cels that I own. My purpose is the preservation of animation's origins, so I am going to collect as many cels as possible.I currently have only a mixed variety but I am aiming to get more...
A mixture of bishounen paradise. ^_^
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I try to get cels from the animes I like most, but some are too expensive for my pocket, mostly Rumiko´s works, but I'm happy with the cels I have.
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