"D" Galleries

Tenchi, DBZ, Naruto, X, Texhnolyze, Trigun and more.
Hello, i am Gael from France.I collect originals from various anime. You can contact me at : enriou@hotmail.com
Inuyasha, Yue, Zelgadis, Clef, and stuff, ya know? That's the statement of the great mint in double mint gum.
A small collection with a few choice pieces from Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Trigun and Tenshi ni Narumon.
D's gallery of cels. Contains mostly cels form DBZ/DB. Also contains cels from many other animes including: Ayashi No Ceres, Inuyasha, Cyborg Kuro Chan,Ruroni Kenshin, Pokemon, Slayers, Yu Yu Hakusho, and more.
Mostly Macross cel stuff.
This Gallery is a site that is mainly for Goku Cels. There are also some Piccolo, Nail and Goten cels on here as well.
Welcome to my gallery, I hope you enjoy my small cel collection.If you have any Totoro cels you're interested in selling, please contact me.Thanks!
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