"D" Galleries

Hello, i am Gael from France.I collect originals from various anime. You can contact me at : enriou@hotmail.com
Inuyasha, Yue, Zelgadis, Clef, and stuff, ya know? That's the statement of the great mint in double mint gum.
A small collection with a few choice pieces from Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Trigun and Tenshi ni Narumon.
D's gallery of cels. Contains mostly cels form DBZ/DB. Also contains cels from many other animes including: Ayashi No Ceres, Inuyasha, Cyborg Kuro Chan,Ruroni Kenshin, Pokemon, Slayers, Yu Yu Hakusho, and more.
Mostly Macross cel stuff.
This Gallery is a site that is mainly for Goku Cels. There are also some Piccolo, Nail and Goten cels on here as well.
Welcome to my gallery, I hope you enjoy my small cel collection.If you have any Totoro cels you're interested in selling, please contact me.Thanks!
The series include Marmalade Boy, Cyber Formula, Magic Knights Rayearth, Nazca,Card Captor, X1999, Nightwalker, Lost Universe and many misc. shows with one or two cels.These cels are some of my favorites and so many include backgrounds to make themmo...
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