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Right now I only have Inu Yasha cels, but I am getting DBZ and Trigun ones in the near future.
Kenshin rules in my gallery!!! I also have some Cowboy Bebop, Disney, VHD, The Big O, Outlaw Star...just take a peek at my humble cel gallery. I promise you won't be disappointed ^-^...teehee! (please don't e-mail me if you are disappointed!)
Small and very slowly growing gallery of cels from Bannou Bunka NekoMusume Nuku Nuku, Serial Experiments Lain, DNA^2 and others.
An ever-growing addiction featuring Androids, Assasins, Bounty-hunters, Goddesses, Mech-pilots, Paper Masters, and more! Enjoy my addiction!
Production art from Yoshihisa Tagami's Galvion, Karuizawa Syndrome, and Grey: Digital Target.
Welcome hereas you can see i love the Dragon Ball Z saga, i grew up watching it on TV every day, so here are some pieces of my favorite anime.also i'm a great fan of Don Bluth (Land before time, Secret of NIMH....)
Bienvenu à tous et merci de votre visite sur ma gallerie.Welcome in all and thank you for your visit on my gallery.Toute ma gallery est a vendre !!!All my gallery is has to sell!!!
Cels from several series including Marmalade Boy, Fushigi Yuugi, Last Unicorn, Lady Georgie and Sailor Moon.
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