"R" Galleries

Cel collection specializing in Fruits Basket, Devil Hunter Yohko, Sailor Moon, and Mahoromatic.
Come see my growing collection of cels. All series of Dragonball, Medabots. I'd like to move into Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, and maybe Noir. enjoy!
I mainly collect DBZ, Outlaw Star, and occassional Yugioh cels.
Rallihir's Cel Gallery: A focus on the CLAMP world with particular attention to Card Captor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth. Come and have a look.
A site oriented towards cels and sketches from a variety of series. "Quality over Quantity" is the motto followed here.
I'm collector since 1999, I'm mainly looking for X,Please Save My Earth,Macross DYRL, free for exchange as well, I'd only try to keep my favourites.I hope you'd like my gallery, feel free to ask I'd always be happy to help you if you have any questio...
Anime cels of whatever strikes my fancy. Gundam wing, Generator Gawl, Nightwalker, DBZ, Outlaw Star, Kenshin, Tskikukage Ran, and random cels so far, with more to hopefully come soon!
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