"V" Galleries

A small cel gallery, primarily consisting of Lupin III and Miyazaki cels.
Small collection of Vampire Hunter D cels and other various shows. Just started, will be adding many more soon.
This is a window into my interests some ten years ago, minus about half of my gallery which I've since sold off... My primary collecting interests now are Escaflowne and Unico, with cels of certain Dragonball Z and Ranma ½ characters coming in a dis...
A mother/daughter collection. We have an eclectic selection of over 1600 cels and drawings from over 50 anime series and movies.
Variation cels mostly dragonball z and Tenchi, but with a few hard to find anime selections. Starting to focus on Sasami and Iria though.
I try to focus my collection on cels from my favorites - Trigun, Kenshin, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Boogiepop Phantom (rare cels) and Ayashi no Ceres. You will also see Lodoss cels in the future! Furthermore you will find cels from Miscellaneous shows...
Site devoted to Dragonball Z, mostly Gohan. Love my Saiyans! Featuring also Neon Genesis repros and other misc cels.
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