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Just an assortment of different cels that I have the fortune of aquiring in my short time collecting acetate.
some cels from dragonball, outlaw star, tenchi, akira, and evangelion and some original comic book art and sketches
Hello and welcome! I have always collected Anime Cel's for many years but never turned my full attention to them until recently. I have always tried to pick up those key cels that are amazing to me, while more recently I have started to gobble up as ...
A small collection of cels from my larger collection. Titles include Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, VPM and others!
Are you the new admission?---------Stop by the site for some spectacular animation. Featuring The Transformers, SuperFriends, DCU, and more!
American, Asian, European: We love all animation. Check out our pop culture infused website.
Youtube - WetzelmationI love collecting animation cels!Slowly uploading my collection!
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