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My taste for the absurd began with Adult Swim. The shows I watched were way off the deep end for sure. I had enjoyed Miyazaki's Spirited Away, so I decided to dig deeper into his works. In the process I came across 9 works that redefined my concept ...
The Official Home of the 2006 Anime-Beta Cel Awards!
Hi there! I'm a big-time anime and manga fan, and have made Japan a regular travel stop for myself. While I haven’t been collecting as long as many of the people here on Rubberslug, I have my own manga library (1600 volumes), as well as an extensiv...
A multitude of 3x3 Eyes Cels. Pai's biggest fan!
8-BALL's DILBERT CEL Gallery diplays original PRODUCTION ART from the 35 Dilbert shows which originally appeared on the UPN Television Network in 1999-2000.
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