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Crystal Temple
by sletia
Apr 18 at 8:26 PM
Hey how is everyone?
Hello hello! It looks like my gallery will remain more or less intact, as interest is veryyyy low for buying anything of mine. I did move a...
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Chris' Cel Site
by guyvariii
Apr 03 at 3:52 PM
Ghost In The Shell, 2017
Anybody see the new GITS? If you saw it, what did you think? The 1995 animated film had an interesting idea: Humanity accidentally be...
Comment (1)  ·  Apr 24 at 3:57 PM

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G1 Transformers settei worth?
2 hours ago by sletia
Is it possible to see sales by member
Yesterday at 8:29 PM by magiktori
Purchasing Cels in Japan
Yesterday at 10:03 AM by Bsus1412
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