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Slick, Stylish, Vibrant & Enigmatic; the best in Shonen Anime: Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Hentai, Horror, Martial Arts and the Samurai of Feudal Japan. Not forgetting the pretty Catgirls >^.^<
My Gallery has been mainly focused on DBZ, however I'm branching out into other anime. Come and visit my little obsession. Your feedback is always welcome.
Cels/genga from several series such as FullMetal Alchemist, Bleach, Saiyuki, and more, and one of the largest galleries of dub voice actor autographs! ^^
Dragonball Z Gt Tenchi Muyo Slayers Gundam Wing Outlaw Star Ranma 1/2 Pokemon Fushigi Yuugi Cowboy Bebop Sailor Moon
My goal is to get at least one piece of artwork from each anime series that I like. Unfortunately, I like a lot of anime series. And then there are the series where I want one of each character....
I. Like. Cels. There. No secret now.....welcome to my passion
My Personal Collection of Anime Production Art from DragonBall, InuYasha, StreetFighter II, RuRouni Kenshin, Bleach & Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.
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