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My gallery mainly features different categories of Sailor Moon cels that I especially enjoy collecting along with a handful of misc cels. My collection of SM genga/layouts/roughs are also displayed. Hope you enjoy!!
Studio Ghibli cels, mostly Kiki's Delivery Service and a few othe anime cels.
My collection of cel start a few years ago. Gallery based mainly on my favorite animes.
Hi everyone ^^I collect many things, but not only anime cels.I really love Dragonball serie as you can see, but also original arts from several authors, other anime series etc..So I will share you some things on my page. For my other collections, ple...
A mother/daughter collection. We have an eclectic selection of over 1600 cels and drawings from over 50 anime series and movies.
Featuring series by CLAMP. Also contains: Crest of the Stars, Inu Yasha, Saiyuki, and more!
Gallery of mostly shoujo anime cels. Included are cels from Sailor Moon, Slayers, Utena, Inuyasha, Tenchi Muyo, and more.
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