"L" Galleries

My gallery mainly features different categories of Sailor Moon cels that I especially enjoy collecting along with a handful of misc cels. My collection of SM genga/layouts/roughs are also displayed. Hope you enjoy!!
A gallery with cels from various anime with my current focus including AMG, IY, SM, and others. Feel free to check out my collection! ^_^
Bubblegum crisis, samurai troopers- my little cel house!
hi! I have started to collect cels ^^ only few months ago, and i'm interested only in Sailor Moon Cels if you want, leave me a feedback! **cheers**
This is my lupin personal cel gallery
I collect cels from Fatal Fury only. I have been a fan of SNK for a long time as well. Wishing you all the best!Much Love,D
I collect cels only from Fatal Fury. I will be periodically updating for all to see who like this gallery. All pictures were taken by me.
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