"L" Galleries

Welcome to my gallery! My main collection is artwork from Naruto, but I also enjoy collecting from other series as well. Enjoy!
Voica la présentation de ma collection de cellulos commençée il y a 3 ans.Vous en trouverez de différentes séries notament Saint Seiya, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure et Hokuto No Ken.
This is my Sailor Moon Gallery. I love the show and just started collecting.
Within this site you will be able to browse my personal cel collection of: mononoke hime, fushigi yuugi, card captor sakura, lodoss wars, cowboy bebop, and others.
All my cels from Inuyasha and one from Sailor Moon!!
Cels/genga from several series such as FullMetal Alchemist, Bleach, Saiyuki, and more, and one of the largest galleries of dub voice actor autographs! ^^
Includes SM, IY, TG and especially my Slayers sections with my famous Lord of Nightmares cels. Please come visit ^-^
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