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We are new on cels collection (since Nov. 2007). Series which really interest us are : Daa Daa Daa, GTO, Rurouni Kenshin, Sakura Taisen, Vampire Princess Miyu, Some non-H cels from Pink Pineapple's H series
Aishite Night, Lady Georgie, Heidi, Wedding Peach, Sailormoon, WMT Series (Marco), Treasure Island, Attack No.1 and many more! Check it out!
Cels consisting of my fav. series, and some cg artwork, and rilezu also.
Little Monkey's Collectible Website. Featuring Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears and other 1980's collectibles.
Lots of Tasuki cels from Fushigi Yugi, mmm, love him ^-^! Also, some cels from Bubblegum Crisis and Tenshi Ni Narumon ^-^.
Lizardbreath's random cells gallery. What more can I say? Some are intentional, some unintentional, some are gifts from various people, and some are fan cells. Why? Because I feel like it, and having a big cell book hanging in my closet just wasn't w...
Welcome to my gallery :)I'm collecting now almost only Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z
Loki's Hardcore Cels - so nice it hurts.
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