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Samurai Troopers Cels... a lot of ^____^ but also Sain Seiya, Lady Georgie, Godmars, Lodoss War, Versailles no Bara...
Rivivendo le emozioni dell'infanzia attraverso le Cels dei cartoni animati piu' amati e' un motivo in piu' per raccontarsi. Desidero dedicare alla serie de "I 5 Samurai" questa pagina web!
As the gallery title implies, I am a bit of a fangirl of some specific characters from certain animes. A devout fan one could say...
Celluloïd Dragon Ball, DBZ, DBGT
Come and visit my gallery! I have several cels from various series, like AnC, FY, RK, etc. You can view my whole gallery at http://midnight-stars.com
An ever growing collection of random U.S. cartoons (yeah Sonic!) and random anime! Enjoy my friends!
I love OROCHIMARU in NARUTO!I'm crazy for him! LoLYeah! I'm Orochimaru collector!^_^
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