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Rivivendo le emozioni dell'infanzia attraverso le Cels dei cartoni animati piu' amati e' un motivo in piu' per raccontarsi. Desidero dedicare alla serie de "I 5 Samurai" questa pagina web!
As the gallery title implies, I am a bit of a fangirl of some specific characters from certain animes. A devout fan one could say...
Celluloïd Dragon Ball, DBZ, DBGT
Come and visit my gallery! I have several cels from various series, like AnC, FY, RK, etc. You can view my whole gallery at http://midnight-stars.com
An ever growing collection of random U.S. cartoons (yeah Sonic!) and random anime! Enjoy my friends!
I love OROCHIMARU in NARUTO!I'm crazy for him! LoLYeah! I'm Orochimaru collector!^_^
I mostly collect animation cels from Thundercats, though I may branch out and collect other 80's cartoons after I find a box of money.
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