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Saiyan Honour-A small but quality selection of cels from Dragonball ^_^
My Gallery Features Dragonball (Z,GT). I also collect from a few other series such as slayers, Tenchi muyo, Outlaw Star and Kenshin. Enjoy!
This is my cel gallery focused mainly on Dragonball Z Saiyans and Looney Tunes Cels. Check it out...I hope you like it!
Dedicated to the friendship of Gon & Killua and general Killua worship. Conflicted, unconventional, concievably gay and certifiably phsycho bishies may also appear.
This is a collection of the cels I have collected thus far, as well as fancels that I have produced. Enjoy!
Do-you-like fancels? Well if you do welcome to Sakura's Clamp Paradise" Where we have a range of Clamp Sakura stuff to her Paradise, tons of CCS cels based on Artbook images and t.v shows by Clamp. Also other affiliated anime included that i am fami...
Just your ol' everyday gallery, mostly Vampire Hunter D though. :)
Here you'll find my art collection; mostly made up of cels but occasionally drawings as well. I collect both American animation and Japanese anime cels. Pretty much just pieces from titles I like. My cels aren't for sale; sorry. But please feel free ...
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