"P" Galleries

Yoooo!My names Pancheezey, and Dragonball is life. Here you can view my animation cel gallery that is mostly made up of Dragonball entries, but Hajime No Ippo is creeping up haha.When I was a teenager as a upcoming graphic designer I had always gravi...
Come for the cels, stay for the rhetoric.
Featuring cels from Slayers, Saint Seiya, Goldorak/Grendizer, Harlock and others...
A gallery with a mixed bag of animation art. Ranging from western animation, various anime series and nostalgic 80's cartoons.
A small gallery that collects cels from various series from various time periods.
Contained within is my collection of cels from Dragonball/Z/GT, Hunter x Hunter, Inuyasha, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, and Yu Yu Hakusho. Always ready to add more! Bwa-ha-ha!
Dragonball and Akira Cels
Just a few items I have collected so far.
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