"P" Galleries

Thundercats, He-Man, She-Ra, Silverhawks, G.I. Joe, Jem, Voltron & other 80's cartoon cels.
Phoenix Gallery contains a growing collection of Quality Cels & Rilezu from my favourite anime series. Some of the series includes Full Metal Panic, Escaflowne, Nadesico & Last Exile.
The major part of my cel collection is about Saint Seiya, les Chevaliers du Zodiaque.
Collection of some of my favorite cels from Tenchi OVA, Tenchi Muyo Universe, Tenchi movies and soon to come Cowboy Bebop. Ja ne.
A display of a part of my collection. This includes series such as Fushigi Yuugi TV & OAV, Ayashi no ceres, and Violinist of Hameln.
Hello. Welcome to Pixel's Randomness- a motley collection of cels, genga, douga, etc. My collection is just getting off the ground, so it is currently very small.I tend to be rather verbose about each piece, sometimes more technical, sometimes more a...
A mishmosh of cels from random series and of characters I like. Includes: Clamp Campus Detectives, Miracle Girls, Marmalade Boy, St. Tail.
A small cel gallery with a few cels from lots of different shows -- Escaflowne, Slayers, Lodoss, Nadesico, and more.
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