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Gimme a B, gimme a E, gimme a T, gimme a AGo BETA, Go!Welcome to the "Annual Cel Contest", an entity courtesy from Anime-Beta.com collectors' forum (home of the Betarians!).RULES, TERMS, DETAILS & SCHEDULE?See "About" section or here:http://www.anime...
Hello! I mostly collect Jubei Chan cels...especially bantaro and all his different "moods" (as seen on his shirt). There is also a smattering of other cels I collect. Hmm...that's it for now I guess :)
Random stuff of hot cartoon and anime girls I find worthy of spending my little money on. Not an expensive gallery, but priceless to me ^_^.
Variety of Cels from Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi, Kenshin, Flame of recca, Last unicorn, etc.
I'm starting my collection, fell free to contac me. if you have anything for sale let me know.I'm mainly interested in Saint Seiya.
This gallery is a collection of celestial acetate that I have found on this earth.
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