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A home to all Thundercat Lovers.
Only a few cels to show off. Nothing to get all excited about. Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Weiss Kreuz and other various cels. I need help identifying a few.
Welcome to our anime cel gallery. Please feel free to look around. Be sure to check out the "For Trade Sections" as well as the "Free Cels & Art Section" Our full gallery is located at www.celaddicts.comWe can be contacted here celaddicts(at)gmail(do...
Hi! ~ *Welcome to my (still) very little Collection of original and screen-used production material, original sketches and autographs :)For any questions please feel free to contact me :)~meh-chan
Cels of Gunbuster / BubbleGum Crisis / Macross / Gundam / Gatchaman / Kite / Mezzo Forte / Cream Lemon
Hello!, this is my newly made cel collection!, im just getting into cel collecting so if you have any recommendations tell me!
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