"A" Galleries

A collection of cels from various animation series including my favorte "Wish" from Clamp.
AD4999 a gallery based solely on my collection of Battle Athlete cels.
Welcome to AdeliePenguin's Production Art Gallery! This gallery provides strong emphasis on any and all production artwork used in the creation of Don Bluth's fabulous 1995 film The Pebble and the Penguin.  The gallery is slowly expand...
Hi there, I'm Aelith! An Illustrator and animator! (I drew the Sakura in my banner.)As such I'm a huge fan of animation and how it's made. I first started getting into cels around 2013, and now I'm finally picking up a few here and there. =)My favori...
I've been collecting Aeon Flux material for some years, i don't have much, but what i have is priceless. Some cels, autographed sketches, and a 2ft statue, handmade, only one made in the world, please have a look and enjoy. I'M INTERESTED IN BUYING A...
Welcome to my collection . ^_^It was mainly DragonBall cels, but now I try to focuse on some others series, especially Clamp artworks. I hope you will enjoy :)
Ichigo, Ranma... and newcomer: Batman Beyond!
Growing collection focusing on Sailor Moon and Rayearth.
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