"A" Galleries

Abby's cels.
Mainly Ah! My Goddess, but a few cels of magical ladies from other series.
A small collection of Maho Tsukai Tai! douga. The focus is on Aburatsubo only.
Focused on CLAMP works including X/1999 and Miyuki-chan in wonderland. Additional collections include A Kite, Utena, Sailor Moon,and many more.
Welcome to my gallery. A cel collection focused primarily on my favorite anime: Naruto and Kenshin. I am a lazy bastard so I don't like to scan my own photos and just use whatever pics are at my disposal. One of these days I'll do my site right. ...
The gallery features a variety of cels from some of my favourite anime. I love the hand drawn craft of animation and enjoy owning a small piece of some of these classic anime. Series I currently collect and are featured include: Fushigi Yuugi, Tensh...
Grendizer cel
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