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Hey,my name is Norick and i'm from Germany. I started my collection in 2020. My favorite genres are the 80's and early 90's cyberpunk future dystopias.So enough said, now enjoy the gallery!
Hi,I am new to cels and animation artwork and am really into the Last Unicorn at this time. I have just recently acquired my first piece with matching drawing and an additional drawing as well. Would love to add more pieces but will be doing so slowl...
My first anime love was Sailor moon and began collecting cels as a result of going beyond anime merchandise to have a piece of production art.
Hello! I am new to this amazing hobby. I wished that I knew about animation cels many years ago but it's never too late to start!I have been an anime fan since I was 5 years old. I basically grew up watching a lot of anime and to this day I enjoy it....
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