"N" Galleries

Just some cels I own...
A small but growing collection of cels/drawings from Watership Down and others.
A few high quality cels from Tenshi ni Narumon, Vampire Miyu, and a few other shows.
Come visit the cel shaped holes in my wallet! The series I'm trying to focus on are Vampire Princess Miyu, Ah! My Goddess and Kite. But I have lots of other goodies so please come on in an poke around a bit.
A variety of cels from quite a few different series! Collected since 1998, I especially like action cels. Please stop by to browse and enjoy my collection!
I'm just starting out cel collecting so right now it's really small, but hopefully someday it will grow bigger. :3
My cel gallery that was mainly cels from ANC but now I'm adding my whole collection. Mostly cels from ANC, Hunter X Hunter and Initial D but there are some others too.
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