"K" Galleries

This is the home for Kamidake's collection. Thanks for visiting!
Growing collection of anime cels including Flame of Recca, InuYasha, and Rurouni Kenshin.
Small collection from a new collector ^_^ Focusing on Nightwalker, Rurouni Kenshin, El Hazard, and Escaflowne. My collection is constantly growing... come by and take a look! =D
Welcome to my cels Gallery - Kamui Cels Gallery.I'm a french cels and cards collector.I collect some cels and cards from my favorite anime.Don't forget to visit my links and my Wishlist ^^.Thanks for looking!
I tend to favor the limited edition cels, as well as lithographs, maquettes, & poster artwork.
Here you'll find a mix of Rahxephon, Dragonball Z/GT, and Nadesico with a sprinkling of Eureka 7, a dash of Berserk and a bunch of other crap I tossed in for kicks.
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