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This my first cel!
Cel Gallery of my favorite cels from Pia Carrot, Psychic Force, Slayers, Bubblegum Crisis/Crash, Lodoss War, Captain Tylor
Welcome to my cel page. I've been collecting manga for many years now and finally decided to dabble in the cel side. This is a work in progress...but I'll update when i have time.All cels are NFS but some are for trade. I'm always open to buy Ranma ...
I love to collect Chibi Usa cels. Teen Chibi Usa is my favorite though, and most people aren't willing to sell them. ^_^;
A modest collection. ^_^
Hiei's Home is my YYH cel gallery. It's rather small FOR NOW,but hopefully that will be changing very soon! ^_^
A collection of production art mainly devoted to Dragonball, Lamune & 40, and the Cyber Team in Akihabara series.
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