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Random cellage
Hello! Few cels ( Ulysses 31, Macross, Mospeada, Heidi...) from my little collection... Hope it'll make you pleasure...
ITALIANOCiao a tutti mi chiamo Matteo e abito a Vicenza. Sono da sempre un fan degli anime giapponesi soprattutto perche' mi hanno accompagnato durante la mia infanzia, tutt'oggi se mi capita l'occasione di riguardare qualche cartone animato che segu...
Rubberslug's largest collection of Dilandau cels. Also contains Gundam Wing and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust cels.
This gallery features genga, douga, cels, backgrounds, and other production art from a variety of anime movies, OVAs, and shows.
Hello I'm Sleepvertical an avid collector of cels! A new hobby as my dive into anime has hit every collectible imaginable!
A small gallery displaying my mixed collection of Anime cels. Features cels from Miyazaki works, Dragon Half, Macross Plus, Ghost in the Shell, Tenchi Muyo and others.
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