Official Feature Wishlist

[b]The day is Friday.
The weather is rainy.[/b]

(7.23.05) Getting some in depth work done on RS v.2. Top priority at the moment includes finishing the album module, then getting all the other modules to behave just like it.

Secondary priorities include search, chat, redoing the home page, forums, and shop. Everything else is tertiary.

[big][b]* Global Features[/b][/big]

[new] (blueheaven) "The Hot Girls of Rubberslug" Community Photo Gallery
[fix] Redo gallery browsing tool to include all sponsors/integrate with search
[new] Rating Tool: last updated dates on galleries
[new] Search: wishlists as targets (below post)
[fix] collector guides: files not transferred.
[?] collector guides: possibly scrapped in favor of user-submitted articles/editorials
[new] directory of helpful graphics people.
[new] gallery for one cel from each member
[new] new shop section
[new] editorials? --> update 9/22: we will pull these from blogs

[big][b]* Forum[/b][/big]

[new] moderator toolset/interface
[new] sig files
[new] finish writing the thread locking feature
[new] aliases to relay info from other parts of site (typing something like "@mygallery" to have forum insert a link to your gallery in the middle of a message

[big][b]* Site Modules[/b][/big]

[new] database system swap to nested system.
[new] favorite galleries.
[new] blog.
[new] satellite message board --> update 9/22: possibly integrated with blogs?
[new] voting booth
[new] cel collector ring module
[new] stand-alone background downloader (!)

[big][b]* Site Management[/b][/big]

[fix] Limit file sizes, file types on image upload.
[fix] template simplication, streamlining
[new] redo workflow to allow addition of pictures before or after cel creation
[new] add metric/english size options
[new] add an "acquisition date not specified" selector to "date purchased".

[big][b]* Gabriel[/b][/big]

[new] "lobster-machine rubberslug interface"
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Plastic Future
May 10 at 1:36 AM

I know that you are busy as hell with the above feature stuff. But what about a search for items in the wishlist section. Before I sell a cel I always look for someone who is looking for that series, character. With a search option for the wishlist I could find a fellow collector and perhaps just trade or give away the cel, rather than going through the hassle of trying to use Ebay, Yahoo etc.

Another one, this is a doosy, what about an email that would be sent out to let the collectors know when their favorite series has been updated. ie "Jo Blow" updates his El Hazard section. I have an El Hazard watch so bingo I receive an email saying "Jo Blow gallery" EL Hazard"

This may be difficult but I love RS and I look at the updated galleries at least three times a day and I still miss a lot of things that I would like to see.

Here's Hoping

Apr 27 at 1:45 AM
Maybe allowing fotos with the blog?
Either allow them to be uploaded on RS or remote-linking them from other servers. Latter I tried, but it doesn't work.

Or, when submitting an entry, there's an image-upload field included with the form. For a limited number of images, I wouldn't allow more than 3 per entry.

Just an idea :)
Money's Grave - Mother's Grief
May 05 at 1:59 PM
I would like to request a minor fix to the chatroom if possible.

When I scroll up to catch up on something I may have missed in chat (sometimes it goes very fast)it bounces back to the bottom with each new post making it very hard to read or find links or other info as well as follow in the full mutiple conversations going on.

If there was a way that you could elimiate the automatic jump back to the latest post feature and allow one to scroll up, read and the scroll back down to the latest post to join back in would be greatly appreciated if possible.
Ryan's Gallery
Jul 28 at 12:56 PM
I vouch for Shampy to have a shiney icon next to her name.. maybe a furry grey jacket! >:D

That is all. ^_O
Hoodies and Raindrops Cel Gallery
Aug 02 at 2:08 PM
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