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Overall, I find the new front page much more immediately engaging than before, and overall I'd say it has increased my time spent here. I like seeing thumbnails of sample new additions, which makes me more likely to click and visit items from series I don't collect. Also, getting the first string of text from new forum and blog posts increases my likelihood of responding to these.

When will the new format become standard?

One odd thing I've noticed: at times I'll look over the blog posts in "New Streams," and move on, not seeing anything new. But if I move to the old RS site, sometimes I'll see updated blogs that don't appear on the Beta front pages. But if I reply to one of these, then the blog DOES show on the Beta RS page. Is that because only blogs by people registered to do the Beta testing, or with comments from Beta-testers, can appear on the Front Page?

Also worth noting: when I enter this forum through the old platform and review posts, there are no line breaks and posts are (as before) glommed together into long paragraphs. When I come through the test front page --> Community --> Forum Listing, then the line breaks are visible.

I like this forum set-up much better than the old one. When will it become standard?
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Aug 08 at 1:08 PM
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