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I really like the idea of showing the 3 images for the recently updated galleries that show up on the front page. I don't mind the text dropping down when you scroll your mouse over the gallery either. I think the whole philosophy of "Show, not tell" is perfect for Rubberslug.
Jun 21 at 1:41 AM
It appears that entering cels that are private no longer results in the gallery appearing on the front page. I think that is an excellent improvement.
Activity in the cel gallery that is not visible to visitors should not result in any attention to the gallery.
Benten's Place - A Cel Gallery
Jun 21 at 5:01 AM
Some public updates also do not result in a hit in "updates" on the front page (like adding a sketch image to a pre-existing item); this never resulted in movement to the front page, but I do not recall if a new item was added if the updated gallery if a newly updated but previously existing item would be mentioned in the pop up.
Ted's Animation Gallery
Jun 22 at 11:15 AM
I'm curious about the gallery option. When you click on the gallery link and it listed the most common series to look up, I click on a series and my gallery doesn't appear in the list of galleries. So I'm curious how the galleries are chosen to represent a particular category? I noticed that some listed had only one piece from the series while mine has 50+ pieces in the series and doesn't show on the list. I tried other series and viewed the galleries listed and several other galleries were missing that I know collect heavily in that series. >_<; Outside of that I do enjoy the new look and the lighter color. ^_^
Gold Knight
Gold Knight's Cel Gallery
Jun 26 at 1:02 AM
i dont like it--- if you already read my post. those images used really dont highlight a person's collection as a whole.
Ginga's Anime Galactica
Jun 26 at 1:40 AM
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