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Along the lines of the previous message, I did a quick check on tags of series that I do collect.

My gallery does NOT appear for the following:

Ah! My Goddess (possibly because I don't use the "!" in the title in my gallery listing)

It DOES appear for these:

Inuyasha (title spelled out in all sections)
Slayers (ditto)
Magic Knight Rayearth (ditto: but you might miss some that call this series "Magic KnightS Rayearth")
Tenshi ni Narumon (but only the first listed section; the other eleven galleries, which use the abbreviation "TnN," aren't listed)
Vampire Princess Miyu
Hyper Police
Usagi-chan de Cue!! (but add septalrage to the list, which gives the series only as "x Cue!!" Perhaps add an 18+ designation here, as the series does have full upper-body nudity with nipples.)

Series I collect that were not tagged:

A Tree of Palme (4 other galleries)
Asatte no Houkou (Searching for the Day after Tomorrow) (1 other gallery)
Condition Green (2 other galleries)
Gegege no Kitaro (no other galleries)
Genshiken (7 other galleries)
Grimm Masterpiece Theatre/Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics (no other galleries)
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (2 other galleries)
Mushishi (3 other galleries)
NieA_7 (3 other galleries)
Powerpuff Girls Z (no other galleries, but six galleries collect the original US series)'
Princess Tutu (3 other galleries)
Rozen Maiden (12 other galleries)
Sasami: Magical Girl Club (1 other gallery; but 13 galleries collect "Magical Girl Pretty Sammy")
Tonde Buurin (4 other galleries)
xxxHolic (7 other galleries)

Some of these I'm content not to have tags for, though it is odd that "Gegege no Kitaro" is an iconic, immediately recognized anime series in Japan but is not collected at all in the West. However, considering both their importance as movies or series and/or the range of RS galleries holding art from them, I'd suggest adding tags for:

A Tree of Palme, Genshiken, Rozen Maiden, and xxxHolic,

and perhaps also for

NieA_7, Princess Tutu, and Tonde Buurin.

Powerpuff Girls and Pretty Sammy also should be considered, even if PPGZ and Sasami: Magical Girl Club follow-ups aren't tagged.
Sensei's Anime Gallery
Jul 19 at 7:40 PM
Just a note: as of 8:37 EDT I can no longer access the v3 Beta site.
Sensei's Anime Gallery
Jul 19 at 7:44 PM
Although the forum index says there is a post after mine by noisywalrus, when I access this thread I don't see this post. The last one that is visible is mine. [two line breaks added in my post here]

Also, when I viewed the thread last night, my long post above showed the line breaks. Now it's run together as one big paragraph with no breaks.

Also, I still can no longer access the Beta site with the password provided, but get a "Error: Access is Denied." message.
Edited Jul 21 at 9:32 PM
Sensei's Anime Gallery
Jul 21 at 9:29 PM
Yeah, I was testing something. I already fixed that particular bug. It may not be live yet. As far as beta site access not working, I'm going to see if I can't open that up late tonight in the next few hours anyway.
Edited Jul 21 at 10:39 PM
Plastic Future
Jul 21 at 10:39 PM
(Attempting to use the new forum interface for the first time).

As of today, my gallery still isn't one of those listed as holding "Ah My Goddess" art. (15 items). Oddly, there are at least two galleries that hold art from a different series called "Ochamegami monogatari colocolo Pollon" so listed under this tag.

Otherwise, the interface looks very attractive. However, galleries that use common abbreviations like CCS, MKR, TNN, etc. need to be accommodated.

I'm happy to see the line breaks back in my old posts!
Edited Jul 23 at 12:29 PM
Sensei's Anime Gallery
Jul 23 at 12:28 PM
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