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Streams appears to not be updating
Ted's Animation Gallery
Jun 30 at 2:02 PM
will we still be able to have access to a list that shows all galleries that updated for the day?
Ginga's Anime Galactica
Jun 30 at 9:41 PM
OK, actually it was only my last blog post that didn't make it to streams, as newer updates have come in, while mine remains missing.
Ted's Animation Gallery
Jul 04 at 5:01 PM
The stream thing is a little crazy atm. I know that if your gallery is closed, then your updates won't appear. That's by design, but it's likely to be buggy in other ways.

I figured that I shouldn't have worked on the board first. Now we have missing/eaten posts everywhere. The posts are all actually fine, it's just that some people are using the new site to write posts and others are using the old site.

I should probably at least try to move *that* part over. Don't worry folks, it's getting close. The parts that aren't done will probably default to the old versions of pages. Really have to get the message board replaced. It's driving me nuts having to switch back and forth!!
Plastic Future
Jul 10 at 5:38 PM
[quote]When you click on the gallery link and it listed the most common series to look up, I click on a series and my gallery doesn't appear in the list of galleries. [/quote]

One potential issue is the use of abbreviations. When I clicked the [i]Cardcaptor Sakura[/i] tag, I found my gallery, farther down the list than I'd expected, and was initially surprised to see that only two of the 18 sections I devote to this series are listed. Then I realized that the two listed were the ones where I'd given the name of the series in full: for the other 16 I'd abbreviated it "CCS."

I and other curators do this: give the full title once, then in short for the sections that follow. (Same thing happens in my gallery sith "Powerpuff Girls Z/PPGZ" and "Tenshi ni Narumon/TnN")

Will something be done to accommodate common abbreviations, or will curators be asked to fill in complete titles?

I can see a potential problem with series that have alternative titles, such as "Asatte no Houkou" aka "Searching for the Day after Tomorrow." Or with/without the special character: "Gegege no Kitarō/Kitaro/Kitarou." And what about the various titles of "Escaflowne"?

Probably some overall guidelines need to be worked out and put in a FAQ.
Edited Jul 19 at 9:44 AM
Sensei's Anime Gallery
Jul 19 at 9:43 AM
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