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In regards to the smaller screens seeing less stuff: The intro text does take up a bit of real estate in the design. I'd consider squishing, moving under the logo and/or making it stretch across the top, instead of just the left side. There's also quite a gap around the text too. I see everything just fine on my set up, but I did instinctively feel like stuff needed to be further up on the page.
Mirana's Production Art Gallery
Jun 14 at 11:41 PM
I advocate squishing too. I use a laptop and it can become a real hassle to keep scrolling down. It would be great if the thumbnails can be a slightly smaller. Otherwise, I had to choose "hide thumbnails" selection.

What happened to the Gallery List text?
Jun 15 at 1:09 AM
Again, gallery listing text has been vaporized except in the full gallery directory. This is because that it generally isn't much more informative than a list of what the user collects.

95%+ of the gallery descriptions don't really go beyond saying, "I collect x, y, and z." Not informative.

Ideally, the full gallery directory would *also* list the 3-4 most popular series from a user. The only problem is that it puts an emphasis on quantity (or lack thereof) on people who might not have huge collections. We therefore only emphasize the "lots of stuff to see here" angle with the gallery tags.
Plastic Future
Jun 15 at 10:07 AM
Two reply comments:
1) I find the gallery graphics did provide useful informaiton; they quickly identified known galleries for me. There's no reason a smaller graphic can't do that too tho.

2) While most gallery text was fairly useless, I alway update mine to give a listing of recently added series. So, while the popup only shows series updated in the last 24 hours, I was able to give a longer overview of what has been updated in the recent past. Something like scrolling text in the blank area under the user image listing the last half dozen or so series that had been updated for a gallery would perform that type of function. (Note also that a limited number of images in the updated gallery section might significantly understate some people's uploads; the pop up text on the old site often lists many series from users who upload in huge batches, especially from new galleries).

Also, I cannot access this sub forum from the regular site. The update page on the new site still takes me to the old forum, where this category 11 does not appear to exist (it dumps me to the regular fofum main page). I can access the categories on the new site's forum function. However, I cannot actually read the messages in a thread on the new forum; I have to load the thread number in the old site, where it displays the message text.
Ted's Animation Gallery
Jun 15 at 11:55 AM
I don't think much has been done with the new forum section other than a simple copy/paste for you to get an idea of how it looks.

If I want to visit this section of the forum I have to first go to the old RS site, click on "Account", then open up my bookmark list where I've bookmarked this sub forum. I found that if I went straight to the bookmark, it would kick me back to the old forum mainpage, even if I was logged in. I have to specifically click on "Account" to get the site to recognize me.
Mirana's Production Art Gallery
Jun 15 at 10:41 PM
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