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Name: Kristy. Little known facts about the term "Drakonia": 1) refers to an International Astronomical Union name for an asteroid. 2) Does not refer to an RPG game found on the internet. 3)Possibly a mispelling of the word "draconian" which relates to Draco's harsh code of laws which were unreasonably severe. 4) Another possibility...I liked the word "draco".
Function: Once upon a time my function was to build structures. Now, my function is to educate teenagers on the merits of calculation.
Location: Kirtland, New Mexico, USA (Yes, there is a "New" Mexico.)
Catchphrase: "Argh."
Favorite anime people know: Kare Kano, Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, Last Unicorn, Unico
Favorite anime people might not know: Galaxy Express 999, Honey Honey no Suteki na Boken, Ningyo Hime (Little Mermaid)
Favorite artist/creative person in anime: Yuu Watase
Cosplay: I have to admit it?
Conventions attended: AnimeExpo 2001-04
Seen fansubs on VHS: Never. Only on VCD.
When I'm not watching anime: I'm reading, taking college classes, or organizing my various collecting obsessions in alphabetical order.
What I really wanted to do: To become a famous architect like Frank Lloyd Wright except that I have hardly any artistic talent.
What did you have for breakfast: A whole lot of nothing.
Can you rollerskate backwards: I'm not that coordinated.
Musical instrument(s): Any instrument without strings and which doesn't require one to read bass clef (ie. clarinet, french horn, saxophone, trumpet, etc.).
Last good book you read: Legend of Basara (Do manga count???)
Favorite rhythm game: I can play instruments, but I have no gaming rhythm. Another good example, I can drive, but I can't seem to find the road when I play racing games.
What do you look like: Animewise, I probably resemble the TV Version of Ifurita.
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Drakonia's Cel Lair
Jun 16 at 3:38 PM

CSI = Computer Science. I have a problem with dropping the TLAs(Three Letter Acronyms) on occasion... I fixed that on my answers.

I agreee that the Major looks a lot better once she put some damn pants on. I like Shirow's character designs for the most part, but prefer the ones that are a little more clothed than she was in the first season...

I think that Stand Alone Complex has been the most expensive series made to date. I think this has a lot to do with the fact the Production IG was able to do such a good job with it...
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Cyphr's Cels
Jun 16 at 7:32 PM
But.... what's the "I" stand for then? Oh... typo?

My profile updated with catagories other people have chosen to write about. You pick new topics, I pick new topics. It's the personality cold war, baby.
Plastic Future
Jun 16 at 10:27 PM
Name: Kelly
Function: Green Grocer
Location: Las Cruces New Mexico (ditto what drakonia said)
Catchphrase: Hihi
Favorite anime people know: Escaflowne. One Piece. Utena. Kare Kano. FLCL. Cowboy Bebop. Last Unicorn.
Favorite anime people might not know: Gokinjo Monogatari. One Piece. Shaman King
Favorite anime studio: Sunrise and Production IG
Favorite artist/creative person in anime/manga: anime = Nobuteru Yuuki. manga = Yazawa Ai
Cosplay: Thought about it
Conventions attended: AX 2000-02
Seen fansubs on VHS: They are still taking up room on my shelf.
When I'm not watching anime: Washing my baby,.... I mean... my car.
Can you rollerskate backwards: No.
Last good book you read: Battle Royale
Favorite Magazines and/or Comics: Gourmet
Favorite rhythm game: DDR
Favorite live-action movies: Many
Which team do you support: Any NYC team
What do you look like:
money were not a problem, I'd live here: NYC
Broken bones: Yup and I have a metal plate and 5 inch scar to prove it. -_^
Musical singer,group: Robbie Williams
Cats, dogs, other: 4 cats, 2 dogs
The Best of Kelly's Cel Gallery
Jun 17 at 3:43 AM
Name: April (Titania or Summer Queen to most folks who know me online, unless you?ve known me for years, in which case you know Alrya)

Function: Pleased user

Location: Glen Burnie, MD

Catchphrase: ?Me?I like the beautiful men.? (Quote saying as much in The Village Voice --

Anime Quote: ?Dude, the fry cook?s freaking out!? Martian Sucessor Nadesico

Favorite anime people know: Escaflowne, Gensomaden Saiyuuki, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Ai no Kusabi

Favorite anime people might not know: Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki,

Favorite anime studio: Sunrise, Bones

Favorite artist/creative person in anime/manga: Kazuya Minekura (Saiyuuki, Bus Gamer, Stigma, Wild Adaptor, etc.)

Least Favorite Anime: Brain Power?d, God Mars, Kimera

Cosplay: I have (Ascot ? Rayearth OAV)

Conventions attended: Otakon 1999-present, Katsucon 1998-2002, Animazement 2001, Shoujo Con 2001, Yaoi-Con 2001-present

Seen fansubs on VHS: Yes. Still own some.

When I'm not watching anime: Writing book/film/manga/anime reviews for and running public relations for Yaoi-Con. And studying Japanese.

What I really wanted to do: Be an editor in the publishing industry (or be a part of the manga publishing industry here)

What did you have for breakfast: Starbucks iced coffee and a pumpkin scone

Can you rollerskate backwards: Yep

Musical instrument(s): Bwah. You?re joking, right?

Last good book you read: The Mirror of Love,? Alan Moore

Favorite Book Quote: Uhhhhh. I actually can?t think of a thing, alas.

Favorite Magazines and/or Comics: Sandman and Hellblazer, if we?re not talking manga. If we are: Saiyuuki, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Gravitation, Petshop of Horrors etc. etc.

Favorite rhythm game: Stepmania

Favorite live-action movies: A Clockwork Orange, The Godfather I & II, Apocalypse Now, Grosse Point Blank

Which team do you support: Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Ravens
What do you look like: Short (VERY short), pale, blue eyes, generally red hair

Ever owned an 8-track player: Never, but how many of you can say you?ve owned a reel-to-reel tape deck, hmmmm?

Travelled more than six time zones away from home: Not a fair question for me. I lived in West Germany for 10 years. And have been to both Egypt and Japan, so ? yeah. ^_~

If money were not a problem, I'd live here: Tokyo, Kyoto or London

True love, absolute power, or lots of cash: Cash. I don?t believe in ?true? love and absolute power requires too much effort to maintain against subterfuge

Broken bones: Little toes two or three times and two bones in my left foot (while dancing, no less).

Beer, hard liquor, cocktails, or non-drinker: Generally a non-drinker, wine, mead or good beer if drinking

Age you discovered that you probably don't want to be eating hot dogs: I?ve never really liked hot dogs

Number of jigsaw puzzles you've completed, lifetime: Beyond count. I am a puzzle fiend.
Jun 17 at 3:38 PM
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