Introduce Yourself.

Anyone notice that there are very few duplicates in our favorite anime list so far? That's pretty cool.

By the way, cyphr, what's CSI? Is that like a computer thing? Control systems... computer science.... er...

Adding the studio catagory to my list, I'd have to say Production IG, based solely on the amazing work on the new Ghost in the Shell TV series (second season is much better now that Kusanagi put some pants on). Finest example to date of something that cannot be done with traditional cel animation without having an enormous budget.
Plastic Future
Jun 16 at 12:58 PM
Name: Yippieskippie, but I'm not sure why.. Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Catchphrase: "hrm"
Favorite anime people know: Last Unicorn (does that count?)
Favorite anime people might not know: I probably wouldn't know it either!
Favorite artist/creative person in anime: Nobuteru Yuuki
Cosplay: No.
Conventions attended: none
Seen fansubs on VHS: Yes.
When I'm not watching anime: Last time I watched anime was about.. two years ago!
What I really wanted to do: Be outside.
What did you have for breakfast: Coffee.
Can you rollerskate backwards: No, I broke my arm trying that about 15 years ago :P
Musical instrument(s): Clarinet.. hoho
Last good book you read: Neil Gaiman, American Gods
Favorite rhythm game: none.
What do you look like: Boring.
What do you normally do here: I lurk and read a lot and I hate posting :)
Jun 16 at 1:38 PM
Name: Christopher Francis Romano

GuyvarIII: I like the Guyver. When I was in Junior High, I decided I?d try to be Guyver3 at AOL but that was taken. I didn?t want to be Gaiba3, so, I decided to combine the two and be GuyvarIII. Now, people in the real everyday world, who don?t know what the Guyver is, know me as Guyvar because it?s more unique than Chris.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Favorite anime people know: Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Rurouni Kenshin

Favorite anime people might not know: The Guyver, Neo-Tokyo, Robot Carnival, Roujin Z

Favorite Anime Quote: ?I?m head of this department and as head I say the buck stops with you.? from Roujin Z

Least Favorite Anime: Agent Aika, Sukeban Deka, The Tokyo Project, Hyper Speed Grandoll, Iczer 3, Galaxy Fraulien Yuna, Gundress

Cosplay: No.

Conventions Attended: Anime Expo 2002, Comic Con 2002

Seen fansubs on VHS: Yes.

What did you have for breakfast: Poptarts

Can you rollerskate backwards: No.

Favorite Books: Moby Dick, Candide

Favorite Book Quote: ?All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.? from Candide

Favorite Live Action Movies: Aguirre the Wrath of God, Bridge on the River Kwai, The Sting, The Conversation, Red Sonya and a bunch of other movies

What do you look like: I have a pic in my about section. Approximately 6feet tall, thin build, blue eyes, long light brown hair, mustache, glasses, Italian nose.

Favorite Video Game: Dragon?s Lair for the 8bit NES. The hardest game I ever played. You can?t run, all your power ups suck, button reaction time is horrible, and almost anything can kill you in one hit. Heck even jumping over a hole in the floor is a challenge. You never know, if you hold down the button a little too long Dirk?ll slam his head into the ceiling and fall straight down to his death, or there might be an evil snake that?ll suddenly pop out of the wall and kill you.
I brought it over to a friend?s house and he got so frustrated that he attacked his Nintendo after previously yelling at it, ?duck?move?Ah, Hell!?
It?s best when played with two players because, while it says it?s a two-player game, only 1 player can play at a time. The great thing is, unlike other similar NES 1 player at a time games, in Dragon?s Lair death usually occurs within the 1st minute of gameplay, so you never really have to wait for your turn.
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Chris' Cel Site
Jun 16 at 2:41 PM
Well this seems like a good place for my first post.

Name: Andy. Bevhippy was a name I used in a dodgy thrash band called The Hippys of Electro-ibrium.

Function: Mess about with copper and flames.

Location: Norwich, UK.

Catchphrase: "I can put a tennis racket up against my face, and pretend that I am Kendo Nagasaki."

Favourite Anime People Know: DBZ, Hunter x Hunter, Trigun.

Cosplay: No.

Seen Fansubs on VHS: Loads

When Im not watching Anime Im... Usually kicking a ball around in the back garden with my son.

What I really wanted to do: sleep.

What did you have for breakfast: Cold Ready Brek and a cuppa Tea.

Can you rollerskate backwards: Not without hitting anything.

Musical Instrument: Guitar, Bass & Drums.

Last Good book you read: Kingdom of Fear - Hunter S Thompson.

What do you look like: Skinhead Geezer with bad dress sense.

Which team do you support: West Ham United FC

Favourite Magazine and/or Comic: The Spectre, Cerebus the Aardvark

Favourite Live Action Movie: There is a lot of them The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the Eighth Dimension, Repoman, Mr Vampire and Drill your own hole (a low budget film done by the Greb band G.B.O.A. A feeling of smug superiority to anyone who knows what that stands for.)

If money were no problem I would live Here: Probably New Zealand or Japan.

Broken Bones: None but more dislocated Joints than I care to remember.

Beer, Hard liqour, Cocktails or non drinker: do not drink any more, but used to be on a constant Lager Frenzy.

Music: Half Man Half Biscuit (the best band in the known universe), Cockney Rejects, G.B.O.A. and lately Butthole Surfers.

Goal in life as Teenager: Drink to be sick.

First Anime you ever saw: Either Battle of the Planets or Ulyses31

Favourite Game: at the moment Toca Race Driver 2
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Jun 16 at 2:48 PM
Name: Um...that IS my name!
Function: I fix networks. Oh, and surf the net.
Location: Columbus, Ohio. Joy.
Catchphrase: Too much is never enough!
Favorite anime people know: Look at my avatar.
Favorite anime people might not know: HyperDoll! I can watch that over and over. Its soo dumb ;)
Favorite artist/creative person in anime: Knowing that would require too much investigation and effort on my part.
Cosplay: No
Conventions attended: None
Seen fansubs on VHS: What is this VHS you speak of?
When I'm not watching anime: I'm doing other things.
What I really wanted to do: I don't really know.
What did you have for breakfast: Pizza and Coke
Can you rollerskate backwards: Not entirely sure if I can rollerskate forwards.
Musical instrument(s): CD player.
Last good book you read: Fool's Fate (Robin Hobb)
Favorite rhythm game: Does this involve moving? I'm lazy.
What do you look like: Some guy. Hair always a disaster. I almost wish it would fall out, but no such luck.
What do you normally do here: Post more cels.
Gabriel's cels
Jun 16 at 3:37 PM
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