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The following links are a live copy of the links page on E's Rubberslug Gallery. Comment on or add to the links by dropping him a line in either the forum or on the feedback page of his gallery.

Intro: - Welcome to E''s flip-side "Backdoor" links page. I made this page to provide information for cel collectors. Contents in order of appearance: Study Hall for Cel Collectors, General multi-purpose sites, Agent Services, Cel and Sketch Care guides, Cel Supplies,[Scan, Translate, Convert, Ship], Japanese links, and a few other helpful links at the bottom.
Study Hall for Cel Collectors - Okay here you go,let the games begin = )
Anime News Network - hear ye, hear ye.. get your news folks!
AnimeNfo - cute semi-bilingual site
Cel and sketch Care Guide - Take care of your cels and sketches the right way.
B- Framing - Framing
C - Framers
D - srlabs restoration
General multipurpose sites - These sites alone will help to answer many of your technical questions. "Click" the letter" links.
B - Cels.org
D - Animanga FAQ
F - Anime Acronym''s
H - Anime reviews II
K - Cel types and terms
Agent Services for Japan - Need help buying anime goods in Japan ?
A - Rinkya
B - Shopping Mall Japan (formally Anime Chaos)
C - Celga
Cel Supplies.etc. - Safe and effective storage products-Good archival products here.
D - Celbooks
F - More bags!
G - More books!
H - Yes--Bags + more!
J - Ok, tired of fooling around--here is your Mega-Store!
MicroChamber - The ultimate protection! Slip a piece of this on top of your cels on the non-painted side and suck up all of that oxidation..yeah! Plus all of their other archival stuff-- but pricey ~
Scan, Translate, Convert, Ship - Tools of the trade-
Dictionary - can''t spell to save your life?
World Time Server - what time does that auction end anyway?
Currency Conversion - Exchange rate
Money Transfer - PayPal
EMS tracking-1 - Japan/World
EMS tracking-2 - USA Postal
Web colors - Named color code list
Scanner tips - get those images right!
Japanese Links - Only for the hardcore = )
KuboTEN - Japanese Auction and Internet Deputy Service
Ultra Jump - Manga company
Japan auctions - All of ''em at once ^-^ searchable if you can input Japanese!
E's Front Door path... - E's extras!
IFCC (Internet Fraud) - The long arm of the law--Somebody ripped you off?, Or didn't send you your stuff-- go here!
Ref desk - facts, and more facts
Max speed - Test your Internet speed
E - My anime art gallery =)
Contact Info. - comments, feedback, or if you find any dead links please contact me here.
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