What is Rubberslug?

Rubberslug is a free social network for collectors of animation and comic art.

Make friends, find rare artwork, start a gallery, buy and sell, and more.

Create a Free, Customized Gallery of Your Collection on a Personal Domain

  • Full gallery structure automatically created, including a wishlist, news, web-based feedback, and gallery information
  • Pages with detailed information about every cel, automatically organized by series
  • Private area that allows you to password protect individual cels in your collection
  • Personalized site schemes that allow uploading of your own graphics for your gallery design
  • More personalization with ability to change colors of text, links, and background
  • Interactive wishlist allows for priority levels and sample images for wishlist items

Buy and Sell Rare Artwork

  • Worldwide market for rare animation and comic artwork. Cels, inked sketches, pencil sketches, storyboards, and more.
  • Exclusive focus on original production art means serious sellers and serious buyers.
  • One-click transfer of any or all of your personal gallery to the online store. Skip the hassle of scanning and uploading again.
  • Options for either instant purchase or putting an item on hold while buyer and sellers negotiate.
  • Zero transaction fees for the first $100 of sales every month.

Meet Other Collectors with Similar Interests

  • Powerful search capability lets you find other collectors with similar interests at a glance.
  • Efficient search-engine optimization of your personal gallery automatically increases traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.
  • Display your favorite showcase piece on the high-traffic Rubberslug home page as a featured gallery for free.

Interact in Real-Time with the Community

  • Chat live in real-time with other members of the site.
  • Access the chatroom from anywhere on the site with the Rubberslug toolbar at the bottom of every page.
  • Post your questions, comments, and random musings in the web forum.

Access Exclusive Resources and Collection Tools

  • Background library lets you find the right background to go with your animation cel for display.
  • Check out database to find out what kind of art assets exist for your interests.
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