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^ Welcome to RS. I attend SacAnime as well every so often. Would love to meet another Slugger there!
Cutiebunny's Coven
Apr 16 at 2:15 AM
Hi Cutiebunny! If I'm at a convention, I'm usually at the Artist Alley. I've done Sac a few times. It's notably more artist-friendly than some other conventions, so it's harder to get in. Hoping to get in for the summer. :)
Apr 16 at 12:14 PM
Name: Pixel

Function: It is considered poor programming to define functions with no return value.

Location: Down South
Catchphrase: Well, I don't know if I have a single specific one.

Favorite Anime Quote: I had one in mind, but I'm not really sure of the translation.

Favorite Anime that People Know: *sigh* Azumanga Daioh: The Animation (not really sure it should be though.)

Favorite Anime People Might not know: Well I haven't watched it all the way through. For now I'll say Mizuiro Jidai/Aqua Age.

Favorite Anime Studio: Don't know if I have one.

Favorite Artist/Creative person in anime: Depends on what you mean by "Creative person." Not really sure how to answer.

Cosplay: Never have, doubt I ever will. Never been to a convention either. I don't handle being in large crowds very well.

What I really wanted to do: Animation. Particularly 3D computer animation, but 2D animation is cool too.

Can I roller skate backwards: I'd do good to roller skate forwards.

Musical Instruments: I've taken piano lessons. I like to whistle.

Favorite Magazines: I used to like Computer Shopper, and Nintendo Power before it quit.

What do you look like: A 6-foot-tall redneck who could stand to lose a bit of weight.

True love. Simple.

Broken Bones: collarbone, lower lumbar disc injury

I don't drink alcohol, but I love soda way too much.

As far as hot dogs, I enjoyed them until they started giving me indigestion. Now I only eat them rarely.

Favorite Game: Board game: Monopoly/Video Game: Super Mario series (can't pick just one)

Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or custom mixed chocolate (Four or five parts store-bought vanilla, one part store-bought chocolate, stir until smooth and well mixed.) Better than any packaged chocolate ice cream I've ever bought.

Right now, my collection of animation art is quite small, and I've gotten a bit behind on updating it.

I also do fan art as well. I have tried my hand at what I call "Scene Recreations", but really they're alot like a digital type of fan cel. So far, I've only done them for Azumanga Daioh, but I'm looking at trying some other series as well. I debated on whether to upload them to my gallery, as they are not production art. Should probably focus on my collection first.
Pixel's Randomness
Feb 05 at 4:56 PM
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