The Official Ban Request Thread

Hee! Well, I know that when I bought mine there were three of them available for sale, but I wasn't aware of the other two out there. There's nothing wrong with stalk-- er, following cels. >.> There are wuite a few galleries in my bookmarks that are there for one single cel I'm in love with. ^^;

Frozen Moments Cel Gallery
Jul 06 at 6:35 PM
Jul 13 at 9:20 PM
Aug 04 at 7:35 PM
Thanks. I dealt with it. ^_^

Rheytarian's Anime Alcove
Aug 04 at 9:09 PM

new...and has one cel...But I swear I've seen it somewhere b4...And having your gallery title as "crappy"...and a moderator name of "poopy"...Well...Just doesn't scream legit to me.....
Ms. Poe
Ms. Poe
Sep 05 at 11:09 PM
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