The Official Ban Request Thread

didn't email her myself, so maybe a moderator should..

Unless AnimeJewell sold two of her IY cels and Weyrlady sold her beloved Kouga, it's not legit. ;p
Lunar Reflections
Jun 26 at 9:36 PM
Hmmm I guess I'm the only one with teh holy banning stick power reading the board today. I'll do it.



/me pets the banning stick.
Plastic Future
Jun 27 at 6:12 PM
*blinkblinks* I feel slightly honored, strangely enough. First that some one wanted to 'steal' the image, and second that you were able to recognize it! ^_^ Thanks.
Frozen Moments Cel Gallery
Jun 28 at 10:14 AM
Well *blush* I've admired your Kouga cel for years. That is absolutely one of my favorite sequences of him and your shot is one of the best. I'm slightly embarrassed to say, but from searching for cels from that sequence I know where 5 cels are at; the A-1 I finally was able to find and own (though I love the later sequences more), Animejewell has one (which was also on that site), yours, Maiken2051 has one, and Baylor's. ::blushes profusely:: Hehe, don't get me wrong, I'm not a stalker, I just love that sequence! *_*
Lunar Reflections
Jun 28 at 10:37 AM
So what? If the owner understood how RS works (otherwise he couldn't create a gallery), he understands English. And if he understands English, he knows that what he did was against the rules, basta.
Money's Grave - Mother's Grief
Jul 06 at 11:04 AM
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