The Official Ban Request Thread

Now that we finally have forum stickies working, we can get some organization around here. The next small forum upgrade will be lockable threads so that I can create a Global Feature Wishlist thread. The next big update will be a forum search.

Post links to any galleries here that are in clear violation of our community standards. Our moderators will be more than happy to vaporize anyone who is unclear of the concept.

Thanks for helping us keep our site focused and relevant.
Edited May 04 at 3:46 AM
Plastic Future
May 04 at 3:42 AM
Ms. Poe
Ms. Poe
Jun 01 at 11:47 PM
Zap this site please:
Thank you!
Jun 11 at 11:37 AM
yes the jrock image site. needs to go but do you think we could replace it with a Guitar Wolf site? I just watched Wild Zero and cannot stop laughing!!!! hehheehe
Nearachd Nathair Sgiathach
Jun 11 at 2:22 PM
Done... Although I feel kinda bad because I'm not sure if the owner will understand me since the site appears to be in another language. (italian?)
Plastic Future
Jun 11 at 2:32 PM
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