New Group For Cel Collectors

-Collectors of Production Artwork-

Hi everyone!

We’ve created a new group for collectors of cels, storyboards or concept artwork from either cartoons, film and TV.

This group is a private community tailored for collectors offering them the ability to either buy, sell, trade, share or just enjoy other members collections. Check it out!
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Majin Vegeta
Feb 06 at 9:15 PM
Do we really need another cel FB group?

Aren't there already two large FB cel groups?

1) RS & AB group:

2) Anime Cel Collector group:

3) Online cel chat at Slack:

Having too many groups not only clutters it creates confusion and extra work for users b/c now they have to join multiple groups. Just our ten cents.
Edited Feb 11 at 2:30 AM

The new group isn’t just a cel group, it’s a private community for all production art including cels, storyboards, concept artwork and other similarly related items from cartoons, film and Tv. Unlike the majority of other groups, all our members are either collectors, sellers or animators.

I don’t think there are too many groups, most are currently inactive or with very little activity. Both A.C.C groups though are the exceptions of the few that are still active which I enjoy.
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Majin Vegeta
Feb 11 at 1:06 AM
Hi Guys,

I think we should clarify a few things before we get into a shouting match... my fellow admin was peeved cause she felt our group was mischaracterized ^_^;;

Anime Cel Collectors or as A.C.C. as MV called it is quite an active group, we have 3-4 posts a day from members, have a running group header we change it out once a week to showcase a members gallery, and we are 258 Members strong and growing everyday.

I personally don't agree with curating because the point of the groups as a whole to me is to keep the interest in the hobby percolating instead of letting it die by making it harder to join a group.

When me and Trudy took up A.C.C. again when the first group shut down due to infighting we made a pact to be as liberal with our definitions as possible, the only thing not allowed in the group is flat out porn, we are okay with nudes, fanart drawn by members, original fanart from doujinka, shikishi, and ANY kind of production art work because to us the whole process is fascinating.

Another thing that is important to us and our number one rule is to be kind to each other. Which is something we think is sometimes lacking in this community when egos get in the way.

We would also like to add that the reason that the slack chat link did not work mostly because you have to have joined the chat before that link will work. To join the link is here:

Once you've joined will work just fine.

Everyone have a lovely day and join us on FB at Anime Cel Collectors, we are having a banging good time there chilling and looking at each others art!
In My Dreams
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would love to join
Zetsu's Cel Gallery
Feb 17 at 4:19 AM
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