Banning and Non-Banning

UPDATED! 02/13/06

Since the addition of the blog feature graciously given to us by Jason, there are some additions and changes to reflect this.

Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change as necessary. Banning is at the discretion of the moderators. We realize that there are 'grey' areas, and this list is meant to help members understand what we expect from everyone. It's mostly common sense- the basic idea is to 'just play nice.' We're here for a common interest, so let's keep this a nice place for everyone.



- Remember: No sales allowed on member galleries!
- Product not shipped upon verified receipt of payment. Seller/Buyer is required to provide documentation.
- Claiming product never arrived after successful receipt. Seller/Buyer is required to provide documentation.
- Posting cels that do not belong to seller.
- Selling fake cels as production cels or knowingly misrepresenting reproduction cels as originals.
- Selling items in the Rubberslug Shop concurrently with another public site such as ebay. 'Double selling' is highly frowned upon.


- Posting non-cel or otherwise off-topic art excessively. One cel posted does NOT mean you can post 100+ images of your modified car. Keep your gallery focus on animation art.
- Posting someone else's cels without their consent.
- Using gallery as dumping ground for file storage.
- Using gallery to sell items on eBay, Yahoo, or other auction or sales sites.
- Creating multiple galleries. One person, one gallery please.
- Using your gallery to host an unauthorized contest in which a tangble prize is to be given.
- Opening a gallery to 'get your point across.' Do not open a gallery (even if there is a cel) just for the purpose of 'harassing' other members. This includes going on the Rubberslug chat and/or posting on the blog to rant about topics about that are non-anime related. There's a difference between having a heated discussion about a particular show versus having a spiteful flamewar.


- Racial, ethnic, religious, sexual slurs.
- Threatening another person, whether a member of Rubberslug or not. If there is any hint or indication that violence is intended, moderators and administrators reserve the right to ban the offending person.
- Sending unsolicited e-mail through any Rubberslug mailer.
- We are all here to share our love of animation art, so everyone please help keep Rubberslug a nice place and post responsibly and courteously. NO FLAME WARS. The best thing to do when a topic is becoming heated is to ignore it and do not respond. Notify a moderator about the situation.


- This is a new feature granted us by Jason's goodwill. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE IT!!
- Keep your blog entries anime-related in general. You may post non-animated entries about your life, pets, etc., but please remember that Rubberslug is an ANIMATION ART forum. Keep this in mind when posting in your gallery and blog.
- DO NOT use the blog feature as your 'soap box.' We're all for freedom of speech, but again, remember that this forum is for the purpose of sharing our love of ANIMATION ART. Excessive use of the blog for posting about topics that are not anime-related is not allowed. Please use blog services such as 'Livejournal' or 'Tabulas' to express your views and opinions.
- Again, no threats.


- Photocopies of original production material.
- Prints, lithography, reproduction cels.
- Autographs and or sketches done by anime artists and manga-ka.
- Fancels.
- Cursing. Unless it gets severely out of hand.
- Deals gone bad in member galleries.
- Misbehavior on other segments of the cel collecting community.
- Unpopular opinions that don't violate any other site rule (see: racial, ethnic slurs).
- Sexually explicit artwork in member galleries. Such items should be labeled as ?adult content? or ?over 18? in category listings.
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Rheytarian's Anime Alcove
Apr 02 at 4:25 PM
What about banning for not liking the lobster machine?
Ms. Poe
Ms. Poe
Apr 02 at 6:38 PM
That goes under "unpopular opinions". Because... everybody likes the lobster machine. How could one not?
Plastic Future
Apr 02 at 7:05 PM
Hmmm... I don't. I don't like animals being manhandled for the fun of it.

Question: how do you plan to verify payment or receipt of items? As I was "entitled" to experience, people can go talk crap about you witholding their purchases and get you slammed for it because they have documentation of paying (if Paypal), but the seller may not have documentation of shipping (as I stated in the thread that probably kidled this one: there is almost NO information on receipts so you can usually throw them away!).
My personal idea would be: provide a selling platform which you have by opening the shop, but let people gut one-another among themselves without RS interfering. I don't see the use of it. Everybody can go accuse another member of cheating them and thereby get a possible eye-sore banned. I have personally had enough of that.
I know you mean well for this site, but sometimes, simple is best.
Edited Apr 03 at 5:42 PM
Money's Grave - Mother's Grief
Apr 03 at 5:41 PM
Sorry, but we're here to protect and cultivate the cel collecting community as much as is practical. We will not allow people to...

[quote] gut one-another[/quote]

... and cannibalize our hard work building this site. **This will not be a zoo.** The 1% of cel collectors incapable of playing nice will have to play elsewhere.

Requiring simple documentation in the event of a disagreement makes things much more simple.

The USPS can allow you to require a recepient signature and insurance for a very affordable price. All other industrialized countries have some method of international payment that is trackable. Sellers who ship without tracking information do so at their own risk. Likewise for buyers sending payment.

Documentation for buyers includes payment receipts that can be tracked to the person who cashed the money order or processed the credit card.

Documentation for sellers includes tracking information as stated above. It's quite easy to get.

Any disagreements will be settled rapidly by a moderator directed to act as efficiently and ruthlessly as possible. There will be no drawn-out drama. Any party not instantly producing authentic, verifiable information may be in trouble.

If we can verify without a doubt that someone's trying to pull something cute on our site, we're going to make sure that individual will never sell so much as toilet paper with crayon scribbles to another collector ever again. Never. Ever.

On a final note, please forward all complaints of this nature to the moderators.
Edited Apr 03 at 9:38 PM
Plastic Future
Apr 03 at 9:38 PM
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