Cels for sale not showing up on rubberslug market.

To the Rubberslug team,

As a new account member, I have a question about the market you set up. The user named "singularity" has Cels on your marketplace site posted with the exception of their Dragon Ball Cels.

When you look at the count of DB Cels for sale on your site it says (232), only (42) show up. But when you add singularities (190) Cels/Douga in their gallery it adds up perfectly and I know their selling. Therefore, there must be an error on your market site that's not posting sigularities Cels for sale.

Please get in touch with them or find out if you can repost their Cels for sale on your Market Site.
DB Turnabout Gallery
Sep 16 at 6:35 AM

@ round5: As a new user please contact the -actual- owner of the cels in question by using the feedback feature available in each gallery http://thecollection.rubberslug.com/gallery/feedback.asp
I've been sending feedback to no response. But they have some items their selling on your market place so they must be in contact with someone.

Its just frustrating; just trying to buy from them but can't even get in contact with them.
DB Turnabout Gallery
Sep 18 at 4:17 PM

@round5: If you are repeatedly contacting the owner (as frequently as you have been posting on the RS forums), we first recommend stopping and then, re-read your offers. Typically when owners sell they prioritize the highest offers and if time permits, work their way down the offers list. If your offers are on the low end don't be surprised if the owner has not followed up with you yet.

We recommend the following ideas to someone new: (a) present your best offer (the first time assume no opportunity to counteroffer), (b) be patient, and lastly (c) politely follow up and inquire after a reasonable period (sellers typically list the offer period).

PS The "frustration" you are experiencing is part of the cel journey most of us share. =) FYI, odds are you will continue to experience varying levels of frustration and angst, as long as you are involved with the cel collecting hobby. After nearly forty years collecting, we found what works for us is maintaining priorities and balance. Good luck!
Edited Sep 18 at 5:39 PM
I don't mean any disrespect. The owner has prefixed prices on a pdf. That's not the problem.

They either just forgot to put the Cels on your Rubberslug website market or they don't show up on the market due to a bug.

I'm just asking, why does it say there are 232 dragon ball Cels for sale when only 42 Cels show up. If they're off the market, it's okay. But please update the Market listings as to not mislead people.

Once again, sorry if I was overbearing, just asking questions.
Edited Sep 18 at 7:18 PM
DB Turnabout Gallery
Sep 18 at 7:18 PM
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