unable to add new artwork

when I try and click any select image button it does not work all I get on edge is select element
Tori's Cels
May 29 at 4:06 PM
Experiencing an odd twist on this - I've uploaded 7 scans made from the same scanner, but the 8th is not uploading and it is a .jpg as required.
Cold Steel
Jun 04 at 2:10 AM
Was it resized to be under 1 MB? Sometimes if it is close like .95 MB it will not upload even if it is under the limit.
In My Dreams
Jun 04 at 9:04 AM
It's a 38 KB file and is a resized scan of a signed movie program. I just uploaded a resized scan of a signed doujin and it uploaded fine.

Having the file name as .jpeg vs. .jpg used to be a workaround but this is now blocked by the interface.
Edited Jun 04 at 12:25 PM
Cold Steel
Jun 04 at 12:24 PM
Shot in the dark, but the image uploader does not like special characters (I.e. + / - &) and long character file names. Could be the issue.
Lagrange Point 0
Jun 04 at 2:27 PM
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