On-going technical issues


@ All: It appears some technical issues continue to persist throughout RS. We're sure Jason has many pressing priorities that command his attention and we want to help. Wanted to ask everyone, does anyone feel compiling a list of concerns might help Jason? If so, kindly reply to this thread and list with example(s). Thank you.
If we could please get the search feature updated, that would be great. Right now it doesn't seem to include items from 2014/2015. If the search option could be updated on a regular basis, it would be helpful, since there are only a limited number of tags.

More tags would also be useful.
Black Mirror
Jul 21 at 10:45 AM
Various threads made in the forums sometimes don't work/open. Seems if there are certain basic characters used (period, comma, question mark?) the thread can't be opened/replied to. Very frustrating.
Van's Cels
Jul 21 at 11:03 AM
Can't believe I forgot about that one. It's a real pain. I think we'd have more activity on the forums if that was fixed.
Black Mirror
Jul 21 at 11:53 AM
Uploading GIF files

Would be nice to be able to upload an animated file without having to link it to another website.
Cutiebunny's Coven
Jul 21 at 10:51 PM
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