Poll: New Rubberslug is live! What's next?

Now that the new version of Rubberslug is live, what would you most like to see worked on first?

Gallery (tag support, filter options,etc)
Market (transactions, streamline uploading, etc.)
Forum (better formatting, filtering)
Search (restoration/improvement of other search methods)
Other Community Features (chat, blog, other gallery modules)
Stability (page speed, bandwidth reduction)
Something Else (tell us in the forum!)

It'd be really nice if you can type Japanese into the site without it turning into mumbo-jumbo symbols (some pages you can, but not all) (^_^;

It'll also make Rubberslug more accessible to Japanese cel collectors who can't speak English. It'd be nice if JP collectors joined Rubberslug - they usually just sit on their collection as making their own website is too difficult. That's definitely what I'd be doing if it weren't for Rubberslug!

Example: Japanese below, but...

Thank you always!
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La Andromeda Promethium Cel Gallery
Jun 19 at 7:34 PM
I found a way around that - just copy & paste the Japanese text. I go to animenewsnetwork and copy the text from their anime encyclopedia which has the names for just about every movie & series.
Jun 27 at 10:06 AM
That works in some parts of RS but not all. For instance, I put the Japanese title of "Maeterlinck's Blue Bird" in the description of my new OP cel from this series, and there was no problem. But when I got some more and made a gallery out of it, and tried putting the Japanese title in the section description, it was replaced by a line of question marks. Same thing happens in the forums.

I'm satisfied that the change-over has resulted in long-term stability and security, and can provide greater visibility to galleries on Google and other search engines. But it is an ongoing hassle to have to deal with known bugs like these (and the disabling of the search ... and the inability to replace old scans of gallery items with new ones) with no clear message on when, if ever, they will be fixed.
Edited Jun 27 at 10:16 AM
Sensei's Anime Gallery
Jun 27 at 10:15 AM
Agree with 60something-sensei. I'm able to title the series and the cel, in both JP and Eng and write a description of the cel in both languages, but any place else it just turns into symbols.

I'd really like to be able to type JP in the Home/News/Wishlist sections and "Description" in the Section Details.
La Andromeda Promethium Cel Gallery
Jun 27 at 10:43 PM
A temporary solution I found is using unicode to render the Japanese. Here's a converter, made for Chinese but Japanese works too:


The downside is that each time you edit the entry the unicode is in, you need to repaste the unicode or else they turn back into symbols. Hope this helps!
Sui Kune
Mystic Firefly Cel Gallery
Jun 28 at 9:05 AM
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