Post your "other" questions here ...

Hoping this thread will catch all of the misc questions instead of creating a thread for each topic. Got some general questions hopefully Jason can clarify when time permits. Thanks!

1) How can we search for text contents in the forums? Did not find any function enabling users to do this. We imagine it would be most HELPFUL to search the valuable re-usable information housed within the forums. Doing so will also help reduce clutter caused by users constantly asking the same questions. Please strongly consider implementing this feature. Thank you!!

2) Will the policy remain or change for keeping up sold cels in ones gallery? Currently we are not allowed to keep sold items in our gallery b/c it essential become image/file dumping. Also if users do keep them up will the existing policy remain regarding the gallery removal? There are a ton of users storing sold, traded or basically cels no longer in your possession! Kindly let us know, thank you.

3) Can we deactivate the photo album, blog, and/or other fields in the gallery? It would be nice to finally be able to do this if we do not want to use those feature after accidentally activating them.

4) Wondering for new users who just create a userid will they be required to create a gallery as well? Noticed recently there have been quite a few people who create userids just to post in the forums to advertise or just ask questions. In our opinion users who never create a gallery do not seem to add any value to RS and just spam the forums. Requiring everyone to create an RS gallery might be a good way to curb spammers.

5) Previously there was a link to display the sponsor updated galleries. Will this migrate to the new RS?

6) Will there be a way to click on a user name and see all of their posts in the forums? Or perhaps see it linked if we visit the specific gallery? Might be helpful since it can help everyone know if someone is just using RS to ask a bazillion questions or just to advertise, post and sell items.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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M O M O's cels
Jun 19 at 1:43 AM
1) Forums are being converted to something searchable now. There was a technical problem with this before due to how I coded them back in 2001.

2&3&4) Not dealing with gallery stuff atm, that's the next round.

5) Not sure about this. It doesn't really have any sort of intuitive reason to click on it. I think we originally this because I had nothing to give sponsors. Hopefully, there will be some better perk to give sponsors to replace this. I'm honest about these things: As far as perks go, it's lacking. (But no disrespect to anyone who did find that filtering method enjoyable.)

6) There should be some way to judge a person's reputation by their interaction with other people on the site, that's for sure. I don't know how much of that should be tied to selling in the shop. Long story, but yes, there is a strategy in progress here.
Plastic Future
Jun 19 at 12:10 PM
Could there be a way for us to "search" RS collectors' wishlists?

This could come in handy: Suppose I want to find out how many other collectors are also "wishing" for Inuyasha cels or I want to find out how many collectors are "wishing" for cels of a certain character. Also, once in awhile I see a cel go up for auction that I saw on someone's wishlist and I would like to tell that person about the cel but I can't remember or track down which gallery I saw it in.

If it is do-able, do you think this is a good to add this feature to RS or do you think it would cause problems between members?
Jun 21 at 2:11 AM
[quote]Could there be a way for us to "search" RS collectors' wishlists? [/quote]

That is a smashing idea. Not sure where that would go though. It seems more like a sales tool than anything else. Will consider that for the member area revamp starting next week.
Plastic Future
Jun 21 at 10:43 AM
Cool thanks for the honest replies Jason! Really appreciate how the forums can be searched.

7)Can we favorite or track specific threads?

8)Also wondering will we be able to customize the skin for the RS or will that be a future release?

9)Will the sold items in the RS Shop be removed or at least deactivated when searching for items?

Great developments Jason we are looking forward to how we can also track users reputation. Feedback history good, bad and everything in-between needs to be tracked.

10)For feedback will you use a A-F, Stars scale w/descriptions, or something totally different?

11)What are the plans to address blacklisting deadbeats who scam or do not pay for cels? i.e. IP address, monetary penalties?

12)Will RS now be able to re-size large images and crop them so they are not all distorted as the gallery listing image? The gallery listing image is very small now, smaller than a thumbnail and previous images just do not work. If auto re-sizing is not possible that's fine just need to know the specific size requirements and we can crop the desired image ourselves. thanks!

12)Is there a way to "see" a thumbnail of the img we upload for the banners, wish list, and/or the other images throughout a gallery? It get pretty confusing recalling which img to keep, add, replace, remove without seeing a thumb. :( Just a thought. Thanks.

Oh we definitely agree it would be nice to search users wish lists and aggregate them. also we wholeheartedly concur these ideas for tracking wish list items will primarily be useful for sales. But we also think it can be useful to rate whether someone is knowledgeable or helpful with information they share in the forums too. Thanks for considering the ideas.

Cheers! =)
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M O M O's cels
Jun 22 at 4:55 PM
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