Gallery By Interest section suggestion

This thread is intended for people's observations on series that would make sense in the "By Interest" section.

My first observation is: a search for "Stimpy" pulls up 10 series names (from 7 galleries; 4 of the series hits are mine), with 141 items total in those series (40 of which are not in my gallery).

Ren and Stimpy is not in the "By Interest" section.

Tiny Toons is in the "By Interest" section. There are three galleries and 8 items total in those galleries.

I submit there should be a Ren and Stimpy "By Interest" section.

Additionally, there are 7 Aeon Flux galleries with 90 cels in them. I submit there should also be an Aeon Flux "By Interest" section.
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Ted's Animation Gallery
Jun 17 at 6:11 PM
I'm pretty sure the "by interest/popular" sections are by traffic and not necessarily by volume of art in RS. For example, one of my favorite series is "Generator Gawl" with around 30 galleries and over 500 items. It's still less popular because not as many people know about it.

What I was arguing in the other thread was perhaps a text or gallery-like ABC listing of many more of the shows, instead of a bloated, large thumbnail-based popular category. I would browse a fast-loading list, but probably not a huge list of bright icons. You may disagree, though. ;)
Mirana's Production Art Gallery
Jun 18 at 1:17 AM
Good selections, I'll try to add those before live. That's the kind of detective work I'm definitely going to need. Thanks! :)

Ted's doing it the right way: find something you like and then check and see if people actually collect it first.

My qualifications thus far have largely been a) "has collectors" or b) "should have collectors".

Example A: Inspector Gadget. I pick that as an example because I was basically looking at a list of 80s shows and trying to surprise myself in the search engine. (i.e. find something in Rubberslug that I didn't know was there.)

Example B: Miyazaki stuff. Relatively not that much available art, but it would be a crime not to include it. Tiny Toons is also in here for that reason, and so is Nana. Can't help it if no art exists on RS. Quality show is quality show.

Hate to use personal anecdotes as data, but my girlfriend was ambivalent about the 100+ images I spent all day gathering for the gallery page. She has no emotional connection to any of those shows (although she is going through my Maison Ikkoku box sets atm). However, she found out that I made a Jem and the Holograms category and immediately went from extreme disinterest to a fledgling desire to find some cels of her own. She clicked on every gallery. Why? Because she has an emotional connection to it, the same way many people on this site do to Japanese anime 1990-present.

*This* is the kind of conversion we need to happen on a regular basis if cel or comic art collecting is to survive on a long-term basis. We need to show non-collectors why this is fun and worth it.
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Plastic Future
Jun 18 at 7:03 AM
Also, "popular interests" is by number of individuals who collect that tag, as best as I could automatically guesstimate.

It may not be 100% accurate towards the bottom, but near the top is passes the idiot/reality check. Looks plausible based on what I know about the site, so we'll go with it for now. Actually surprised that Saint Seiya wasn't higher. French people *love* Saint Seiya, according to my figures here.
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Plastic Future
Jun 18 at 7:10 AM
There's something of a wall for Jem and the Hologram fans with the current set up tho. Popular will pull up a bunch of anime they don't care about, and Alphabetical will pull up a bunch of anime and a handful of other things they likely don't care about before what they do care about. Being bound to the creator got one Jem fan through,but I'm not sure the setup will work to get many others in her position through.

Even if you had a "by country" section, you'd have a bunch of things that would turn off lots of people; many people see Don Bluth and Care Bears and turn and run for their lives (tho to be fair those people may not be Jem fans). The obvious way to get around this is genre (or something similar to genre) groupings designed to exclude the chaff (chaff from the point of view of the genre).
Ted's Animation Gallery
Jun 18 at 3:30 PM
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