Macross Pineapple Salad

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Posted Tuesday, February 16, 2021
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Description This is from the unforgettable Macross TV episode #18 Pineapple Salad. Originally aired in Japan on February 20, 1983. In this shot Roy awaits Claudia's pineapple salad and enjoys a drink while playing his guitar. This episode is arguably one of the most poignant episodes in the history of anime. Spoilers! If you knew you were dying in mere minutes, what would you do? Who would you choose to spend your time with? Keep those thoughts in mind when you watch this Macross episode. In this scene we see Roy spending his last waking moments with the woman he loves, instead of going to the doctor. Sometimes you know when it is your time. Roy lived his life boldly and truly personified duty, brotherhood, and compassion. He is the true badass of Macross! Buyer agrees to pay for shipping and 4% to cover paypal fees unless you select friends and family for transaction and fund payment with existing funds or linked bank account. -Will consider trades for other Macross or Gunbuster artworks only.-
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